An Update on Gestational Surrogacy Trends in the United States

8-10-09-193-thumb-667x1000-60849As gestational surrogacy continues to increase in the United States, so do opportunities to observe its trends and outcomes. Many states presently permit gestational surrogacy, although the laws vary by state and are rapidly evolving. Researchers from the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics, Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility compiled information regarding the below trends arising from the continued practice of gestational surrogacy in the United States:

  • In the past 15 years, the number of gestational carrier cycles has grown by more than 470%.
  • Almost 70% of fertility clinics throughout the country now offer gestational surrogacy.
  • Cross-border gestational surrogacy is increasing, and almost 19% of the gestational carrier cycles carried out in the US are for foreign intended parents.
  • There is growing support amongst reproductive care professionals to limit the number of embryos transferred to one embryo per transfer. The purpose of this standard is to promote the safety of gestational carriers by minimizing their chances of a multiples pregnancy, thus decreasing the risk of premature deliveries and pregnancy complications.

The last point generates some debate, as limiting the number of embryos to one embryo per transfer may hike costs for intended parents who wish to have multiple children. However, the following statement by Dr. Joshua Kapfhamer and Dr. Bradley Van Voorhis summarizes the sentiment of reproductive care providers that advocate for this position: “As physicians, we have a moral, professional, and ethical obligation to ensure the safety of our patients. To that end, we must support and promote policies to  limit the number of embryos transferred in GC cycles. Though it may come at a higher price, it is imperative that we practice good medicine-or we will run the risk of losing the privilege to provide this important treatment together.”

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