Top 5 things you need to tell your divorce lawyer

Once you have chosen the right the right family law attorney for you, there are essential pieces of information that you should share with your attorney immediately to help you with a positive outcome.

  1. Disclose any disparaging allegations from the opposing party. Be up front about what your soon-to-be ex is saying about you. Whether true or not, if he/she is making claims about your behavior or actions, it is in your best interest to tell your attorney about this. Your attorney can prepare to respond to these allegations.
  2. Disclose your basic financial information. This includes your income, debts and assets. Financial issues are typically a determining factor on whether your case will need to go to litigation or can be settled.
  3. Names and ages of your children. Also, tell your attorney if any of your children have special needs or anything else that should be taken into consideration when it comes to parenting time or future financial support of your children.
  4. Disclose the case history. Are there upcoming hearings for this case? Are we the first attorneys to represent you for this matter? Have you tried to modify the agreement in the past? This information will assist your attorney with advising you on your path forward.
  5. Your goals. What outcome would you like from this situation? What are your ideas around asset division or parenting time? The better you can communicate this to your attorney, the sooner they can begin to work on a solution for you.

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Remember, these suggestions are not meant to be legal advice. You should consult an attorney to discuss the specifics of your situation.

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