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Little girl on the country fence.jpgThere are manuals to parenting. There are manuals to divorce. Then there are manuals to parenting through and after divorce. While manuals are practical for those who have time to sit and read them day after day, many of our readers are on-the-go people with kids, pets, and jobs. After sifting through our experiences and the resources available to us, we narrowed parenting after divorce down to 5 quick tips that will improve your outlook on the choices you make as a parent.

1. Have faith that things will work out.

Most blogs might save this one for last – it’s that “feel good” phrase that’s supposed to get you through each day. But sometimes, your faith will be shaken. This phrase won’t work. You won’t believe in yourself. The good news is: you don’t always have to. Find an outlet for yourself that can restore that faith. Whether that’s a church group, a best friend, or simply your favorite soundtrack, it’s imperative for you to realize that you’re not alone. Use your support network to find the faith that others have in you.

kids chores.jpgSometimes it’s difficult to determine how much responsibility to give your children. Assigning household chores to your child sends a great message – they are contributing something important to the family. This can benefit your children’s personal development, they learn to take responsibility and to take pride in their work. Scheduling regular chores also helps establish a routine for your children as well.

Below you will find a guide on how to set chores for your children by age. This document also addresses chores in co-parenting relationships.

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