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The Cour de cassation, France’s highest court, ruled last week to legally recognize children born abroad through surrogacy. The decision stems from two cases where the respective fathers sought birth certificates for their children born to surrogates in Russia.

The ruling legally connects the children to their parents, and registers them as French citizens. France did not previously recognize the children’s foreign birth certificates, and they were unable to obtain identification cards, French passports, state health care, and other services to which French citizens are entitled. Children born to surrogates abroad are now granted the same legal rights as French-born children. Although surrogacy remains illegal in France, this holding remedies the situation of children stuck in legal limbo as a result of France’s failure to grant them legal recognition.

The court’s decision follows several recent European rulings that have been favorable to surrogacy. In December 2014, Germany’s highest court ordered Germany to legally recognize children born through surrogacy. The European Court of Human Rights issued two similar rulings in June 2014. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates in the evolving field of surrogacy law.

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