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sad boy.jpgAny parent, whether birth mother, intended parent, step-parent or otherwise, who has considered adoption must understand the risks. There are certain circumstances in which an adoption is not successful. In domestic adoptions, the birth mother and birth father have numerous rights that vary based upon the specific situation. It is important that all parties involved in an adoption understand the process and work with experienced professionals to assist. However, there are some situations that cannot be remedied and an adoption is contested.

Under Indiana law, birth parents are almost always required to give consent to the adoption of their child. A contested adoption can occur under a number of circumstances – when a birth parent contests the validity of consent documentation, alleges that consent was obtained under fraud or duress, or a birth father contends that he was never informed of the child’s birth (and not given the opportunity to retain or terminate his parental rights). In Indiana, this withdrawal of consent must occur within thirty days of the consent being signed; there may not be withdrawal of consent after an adoption decree.

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