Should you hire a divorce coach?

Divorce is often an emotional and confusing process. Many individuals know nothing about the proceedings or laws surrounding divorce until they find themselves right in the middle of the process. Often times, individuals rely on their attorneys, friends and family members for advice and support. More recently, there is another option where you can get support from a certified divorce coach.

What can a Divorce Coach do?

  1. Provide “hand-holding” and emotional support. They may be able to offer objective support that family members and friends aren’t able to offer.
  2. Organize. They may be able to assist you with organizing your financial paperwork needed to go about dividing marital assets in a divorce.
  3. Communicate. A divorce coach may be able to assist you in communicating with your soon-to-be ex spouse in a calm, respectful manner.

What CAN’T a Divorce Coach do?

  1. Provide legal advice. Remember, a divorce is a legal process. Only a well-informed attorney can give proper legal advice.
  2. Prepare you for your divorce proceedings. Only an attorney can adequately prepare you for your divorce case as it pertains to Indiana laws.

Divorce Coaches may be a great resource for some divorcing couples and individuals in Indiana. However, keep in mind a couple of other points:

  • Don’t pay twice for the same advice. Your attorney can and should advise you on the best way to proceed in your divorce.
  • A divorce coach should never be used in place of an attorney. Legal advice given by anyone other than an attorney can be misleading and incorrect.

Remember, these suggestions are not meant to be legal advice. You should consult a family law attorney to discuss the specifics of your situation.

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