Putin signs law banning American adoptions from Russia- Press Release

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Putin signs law banning American adoptions from Russia
CARMEL, IN – December 28, 2012 – Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a measure into law that would ban Americans from adopting Russian children. Russia’s parliament had overwhelmingly approved the ban, which was designed as retaliation for a new U.S. law that sanctions Russian officials accused of human rights violations. The law, which has ignited outrage among Russian liberals and children’s rights advocates, enters into force on Jan. 1 and is likely to strain U.S.-Russia relations.

As well as banning U.S. adoptions, it will also outlaw some non-governmental organizations that receive U.S. funding and impose a visa ban and asset freeze on Americans accused of violating the rights of Russians abroad.

This retaliation against the United States could have devastating effects on Russia’s orphaned children. Russia has more orphans per capita than any nation in the world – an estimated 650,000 orphans. Of that total, 110,000 lived in state institutions in 2011, according to the Ministry of Science and Education. While international adoption is not the solution for all of these children, for some, it is their only hope for a family. In the past 10 years, U.S. citizens have adopted over 35,000 Russian children and have given them a permanent, loving family.

“There are an estimated 1,500 American families currently in the process of adopting from Russia, and 46 Russian children have been matched with those U.S. families. For these families this news is devastating, and they are just the first to suffer.” Michele Jackson, the founding Executive Director of MLJ Adoptions, Inc. and a founding partner of HARDEN JACKSON, LLC where she concentrates in International Adoption points out, “Thousands of Russian children in need of families have now lost hope for the permanent and loving home that each child deserves.”

Ms. Jackson goes on to say, “Many prospective adoptive parents will now look to other more stable Eastern European country options, like Bulgaria. Bulgaria is an option for these families who are interested in adoption from Russia, as it is a more stable option. Bulgaria is a Hague Convention country, and therefore has additional safeguards in place requiring that the country looks to the best interests of children.”

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