New book tackles long-term impact of divorce on children

The new book released this week from New York Times bestselling author, M. Gary Neuman discusses the long-lasting negative impact divorce has on children caught in the middle of the ‘irreconcilable differences. The book is titled, The Long Way Home: The Powerful 4-Step Plan for Adult Children of Divorce.

1205419_little_fisher.jpgAccording to the book description, millions of adults were children of divorce–and while a few have found closure and healing, many continue to struggle with the trauma of their parents’ divorce, commonly even 20, 30, or 40 years after it happened. If you are experiencing some of the common reactions to divorce, including issues of trust, ongoing sadness, and the feeling that you can’t shake your past, then you are likely still suffering from the pain of your parents’ divorce. This book is designed to help you rebuild your past, regardless of how long you have felt unable to do so. Licensed family counselor Gary Neuman has worked successfully with many adult survivors of parental divorce. In this book, he presents a new, proven program to help you see and understand your past in order to let go of the pain of your parents’ divorce and transform both your present and your future.

Neuman recently conducted a study of 379 children of divorce. The startling results are below:

• 89 percent believe their parents’ divorce clearly had a negative impact on their life, while 45 percent label the impact as severe.
• 80 percent have experienced severe sadness or depression.
• 72 percent feel their parents’ divorce impacted their ability to sustain close relationships.
• The majority feel their parents’ divorce has undermined their self-confidence and ability to trust.

The study doesn’t speak to how the children fared with the tension in the household before the divorce. Was it a high-conflict household? Did the divorce reduce the conflict in the house? Did the children have any negative effects from conflict that led to the divorce? Divorce is going to happen, and so will other bad or negative things that may impact our children. How can parents support and nurture our children to better handle divorce or other hurts in this world?

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