Montgomery Gentry plays out divorce in country song

Country band Montgomery Gentry seems to have publicly displayed divorce details of Eddie Montgomery’s recent divorce in their newest single, “I’ll Keep the Kids”. While the band member claims it’s not a line for line account of his personal life, the song feels awfully personal.

“We’re just painting a picture,” said Montgomery. “So far, a lot of people have told me that the song has helped them through their own divorce. I know it’s helped me a lot to just get that out.”
The song may be helping others during difficult divorce proceedings, but the goal of the song was to portray the effects of divorce on children.
Some of the lyrics are below:

You don’t have to holler,
And we don’t have to fight.
We can settle all this, right here
Right now, tonight

No need to call no lawyer
You don’t have to pack no bags
It’s obvious, all you want is
Half more than your half

I see here on this paper
You wrote what you want down
Want me to sign over
What was ours is all yours now

Take the house that my sweat built ya’
Here’s the keys to both the cars
I’ll do you up the title to my ole Harley in the barn

Take all our family pictures
And my records off the wall
And any other sign of livin’ proof
That I lived here at all

Can’t help but not see a couple little things
Not there on your list
So if you don’t care
I’ll keep the kids

You can listen to the song here.

What do you think? Is this an inspirational anthem to help people through divorce or an unnecessary airing of dirty laundry?

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