Meet Kurt & Theresia-Looking to Start a Family Through Adoption

Our featured couple for the month of September is Kurt and Theresia, who are hoping to start their family through adoption. Theresia is a writer whose career enables her to work from home, while Kurt has a rewarding, professional career helping others. Theresia and Kurt are a dynamic, interesting couple with strong family ties and church support. They are active in their church community and look forward to welcoming a child into their warm, loving home and family. If you are a birth mother interested in placing a child for adoption, please read more about Kurt and Theresia here. Kurt__Theresia-Adoption_Profile.pdf

They are one of several families in our adoption program. If you are a birth parent or prospective adoptive parents and have questions about adoption, please call our firm at 317-569-0770

Birth mothers are provided with resources through an expectant care coordinator who can help you receive the services and legal representation you need so you can understand your options and rights.

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