Lobby UNICEF for Assistance in Guatemala Adoptions

Dear Friends and Family of Guatemala 900,

This is the most urgent cry for your love and support we have ever put out!

Please read this TODAY and put us on your calendar for Tuesday, December 1st and Wednesday, December 2nd. We are launching a mass email and phone campaign that could change the future of many of the children waiting to join their permanent families. We need you to be part of our collective voice to bring children home this Christmas!

We are requesting the immediate support of The Guatemalan PGN (Attorney General’s Office) and UNICEF to fulfill our mission to get as many children home as possible by the end of the year. Some of these kids are the legal children of US citizens and possess US Visas, and still, they are held up by bureaucratic delay and unable to join the loving families who have been awaiting them for over 2 years.
We need to flood the UNICEF emails and phone lines with our Battle Cry!

UNICEF is known to be the world’s most respected child aid
organization. In reality, this is not so. Because of UNICEF and
others, international adoptions from Guatemala were ended,
leaving thousands of innocent children a year with no chance for a
decent life. UNICEF endorses legislation worldwide that severely
restricts a woman’s right to choose an adoption plan for her child
as well as her right to privacy. Unfortunately, UNICEF offers
little advice on how countries like Guatemala should care for the
children who would otherwise live secure lives with a loving
family. (Guatadopt.com, October 2009)

On December 1st:
Please email this letter.

To: Ann Veneman,

Executive Director, UNICEF

Dear Ms. Veneman,

I am writing to you in support of the Guatemala 900 initiative to request timely due process and transparency for the children (some of whom are the legal children of US Citizens and possess US Visas) whose grandfathered adoption cases are still languishing in bureaucratic delay. We request your support and advocacy for the hundreds of children whose futures are at stake.

This being the 20th Anniversary of the Rights of the Child and the Holiday Season of Giving, it is imperative that UNICEF, as the world’s leader in child aid and advocacy, utilize its influence to protect these fragile lives and their right to a permanent loving family. Your supporters are counting on it!


Sign your name (if you are a family in waiting, you may want to add a personal message as well).
Send the email to:
-Ann Veneman, Executive Director of UNICEF,

Cc the following:
-Ceryl Stern, Executive Director, US Fund for UNICEF,

-Jorge Mejia, Representative Adjunto, UNICEF,

-Michael Regan, Director of Office of Children’s Issues,

-Patrick McCormick, UNICEF NY,

On December 2nd:
Call Ann Veneman at 212-326-7000 with the following message:
“I am calling Ann Veneman today in support of the Guatemala 900 initiative. I respectfully request UNICEF’s direct intervention with the Guatemalan government on behalf of the hundreds of children whose grandfathered adoptions have been in process since 2007. Please end the victimization of these children and support their basic right to a family.”

Call all day long from 9am to 5pm
If you get a busy signal it means it is working! Call back as many times as you possibly can that day.
Please forward this to everyone who can help. Post it on your social networks (facebook, twitter, etc). Our goal is to shut the phone lines down and we will need everyone to join forces to work together to make a difference!

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