Indiana teacher claims she was fired for undergoing infertility treatments

An Indiana woman is claiming she was fired from her Catholic school teaching job for ungergoing in vitro fertilization treatments.  The woman is now suing the diocese  in what could be  a legal showdown over reproductive and religious rights.

Emily Herx’s lawsuit accuses the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend and St. Vincent de Paul school in Fort Wayne of discrimination for her terminating her last June. Herx says that the church pastor told her she was a “grave, immoral sinner” and that she should have kept quiet about her fertility treatments because some things are “better left between the individual and God,” the complaint said.   The diocese responded  saying it “views the core issue raised in this lawsuit as a challenge to the diocese’s right, as a religious employer, to make religious based decisions consistent with its religious standards on an impartial basis.”  The Catholic church is against any type of infertility treatments.  In fact, when Herx appealed the termination decision to Fort Wayne Bishop Kevin Rhoades, he told her IVF was “an intrinsic evil, which means that no circumstances can justify it.”

We’ve posted previously (HERE) about the possibility of discrimination against children conceived via Assisted Reproductive Technology.  Is seems that this now is extending to the potential parents as well.  It will be interesting to follow the case to see what the future holds for Reproductive Rights.

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