Harden Jackson staff shares personal story of struggling with infertility

What can I say? I love my job at Harden Jackson Law! I know that is what I’m supposed to say, but it is honestly true. I have been affiliated with the firm and the attorneys here for several years, but have only recently had a more prominent (and important!) role in Business Development. Some people may not think that Business Development at a law firm would be an exciting job. I am here to attest that it is indeed very exciting. We are constantly revising our strategy to inform potential clients of our outstanding capabilities in family law. It is very exciting to work in an environment in which we truly have an impact on people’s lives. We are their advocate and work with them to achieve the results they want for their life.

However, I have to admit that I have a personal interest in the firm. Our attorney, Michele Jackson, is one of the foremost legal authorities on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in Indiana. This means she helps couples and individuals achieve their dream of having a family through advising them in surrogacy, egg donors and adoption matters. This hits home for me.

In 2006, I yearned for a child of my own. When my husband and I found out that we could not naturally conceive, we were devastated. After grieving for our “loss”, we then decided that we had to go through any means necessary to have a child. We considered adoption and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). After countless hours of research, crunching numbers and prayer, we ultimately chose IVF.

We went through blood draws, shots (and there were many shots!), labs and ultrasounds, and that was all before we even got pregnant. As with most IVF treatments, the plan was to implant 3 embryos, with the hopes that at least one would “stick” and I would become pregnant. Reproductive Endocrinologists will tell you the highest success rate with IVF comes from the implantation of three embryos. On the day of my egg retrieval, we were a little bummed as they were only able to retrieve seven eggs. Still if all of those fertilized, we would have seven embryos, more than enough. The next day we received a call from our doctor; of those seven eggs, only three were mature enough to fertilize. Of those three mature eggs, only ONE had fertilized. We only had one embryo. We were disappointed. IVF only has about a 40 percent success rate with three implanted embryos. The success rate drops to 15 percent with only one embryo. We tried to hide our disappointment and went through with the implantation of our one embryo.

We prayed hard for the sole embryo to “stick”. We tried to go about our business as usual for the next two weeks until we would be able to take a pregnancy test. Needless to say, this was impossible. I have to admit that I felt defeated and had very little hope that I would become pregnant. IVF is financially and emotionally draining. We knew that if I didn’t become pregnant, we could not go through this process again.

Thirteen days after my implantation, I couldn’t take the wait any longer. I had to take a test. Miraculously, the test came up positive. I was pregnant! Of course, we had to take at least five more tests to really be sure. We called our doctor the next day and took a blood test to confirm. We could not believe our good fortune. We were going to be blessed with a child.

Fortunately, I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy, but throughout the nine months it always weighed heavily on our minds that this was our only chance for a child. Finally, on June 29th, 2007, our little miracle was born at 8lbs. 3 oz. He was as healthy as could be.

As one can imagine, the experience changed me. When I hear the stories from our clients about their plight to have a child, I completely understand. While the paperwork, agreements and legalese can be confusing during an often emotional time, I am so thankful that there are resources, such as Harden Jackson to guide clients through their path towards a family. I truly enjoy watching our clients achieve their dreams of having a family. I want to tell each and every person not to give up. Their miracle will happen.

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