Harden Jackson Attends the American Bar Association Family Law Spring CLE Conference

Attorneys Michele Jackson, Clarissa Finnell, Christine Douglas, Katherine Schwartz, and paralegal Amy Mitchell recently attended the American Bar Association Family Law Spring CLE Conference in Savannah, Georgia from May 3rd to May 6th.  Our Adoption and Reproductive Law Group sponsored the welcome reception on the first day of the conference. We also had a sponsor table throughout the conference where attendees could pick up gift bags containing several goodies and information about our practice.

Michele, Katherine, and Amy attended the assisted reproductive technology (“ART”) CLE sessions, and Clarissa and Christine attended the family law CLE sessions. Aside from learning a lot, we had a great time connecting with our ART and family law colleagues who practice throughout the country. We also enjoyed a variety of activities during our time in Savannah, including a riverboat cruise, a community service project on Tybee Island, and of course, a ghost tour or two!


(Left to Right) Michele Jackson, Christine Douglas, Amy Mitchell, Katherine Schwartz, and Clarissa Finnell at the Welcome Reception hosted by Harden Jackson’s Adoption and Reproductive Law Group.








(Left to Right) Michele Jackson and Katherine Schwartz stand by our sponsor table. The table had gift bags and conference essentials such as chocolate, mints, chapstick, brochures, and other goodies for the attendees!






Attorneys Katherine Schwartz (bottom left, front row), Christine Douglas (bottom left, front row next to Katherine), Clarissa Finnell (far right in the back row), and Katherine’s husband Jason (far left, back row) participated in a service project with other attendees where they spent the afternoon cleaning the beach at Tybee Island.






The sponsor sign with our logo on the mid-left!








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