Fresh Start for a New Year

Among family law attorneys, January is a peak time for new clients.  The first Monday after the holiday break has even earned a nickname known as “Divorce Day”.  It isn’t meant to be insensitive, but reflects the real statistics that many couples are motivated after the holidays to seek a solution to their marital difficulties.

Separations and divorce filings typically slow down in the months of November and December as spouses attempt to maintain their relationships for the sake of their families and children through the holiday festivities.  However, the winter holidays can be very trying for marriages that are already experiencing serious problems.  The additional stress created by financial pressures, family dynamics or unfulfilled expectations can accentuate rather than mend the cracks in a relationship.  The long holiday break is often the final straw for many couples who have postponed separating.  Once children return to school and spouses return to work, many are resolved to proceed with a fresh start for the new year.

Initiating a divorce may seem overwhelming, but alternatives to traditional litigation provide more options for spouses who are concerned about the emotional and financial burden of the divorce process. After the holiday expenses, some couples may not feel that they can afford to divorce, even if they are struggling with ongoing marital conflict.  Remaining in an unhealthy situation can be more even more damaging, especially if parties have attempted counseling and have not been able to repair their marriages.  But options such as collaborative law and mediation are methods which are often less costly, financially and emotionally, and empower couples to have more control over the divorce process.  It can facilitate the transition into the next stage and help preserve the co-parenting relationship, minimizing some of the negative effects of divorce.  The Family Law Practice Group at JHDJ Law offers comprehensive legal services including litigation, collaborative law or mediation for clients considering a fresh start and contemplating divorce or separation.  To learn more about our services, contact 317-569-0770 or visit

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