Couple and Surrogate Pregnant with twins

Brian and Misty Baker had been trying over 10 years to have a child.  After several failed IVF attempts, the couple knew that their next option was a gestational surrogate.  For many couples, finding a surrogate and be a long, painstaking process.  For the Bakers, they were fortunate enough to know exactly who their surrogate would be; Misty’s best friend, Amber.

In September of 2011, the couple, and Amber, went through the IVF process.  Fortunately for them, they ended up with six embryos available for transfer.  The couple chose to have two embryos transferred to Amber (the surrogate) and four embryos transferred to Misty.  Their doctor told them that it would be a long shot for Misty to get pregnant with those embryos; after all, it hadn’t worked the previous times.  However, the couple held out hope.

Two excruciating weeks later, the couple found out that both Misty and Amber were pregnant!  A true miracle had occurred!  Shortly after, they found out the both women are carrying twins.

Now, Misty and Brian are preparing themselves to be parents of quadruplets.  Since the embryos were conceived at the same time, Misty and her surrogate, Amber, are due on the same day.  There are some logistical birth details to work out.  Brian and Misty now live in Seattle, while Amber lives in Indiana.  Brian has committed that if Misty has given birth, he will travel to Indiana to be there when Amber gives birth.  Once the babies are safe to travel, Brian and Misty will bring them home where they will finally realize their dream of having a child times FOUR!  These are four additional reasons that we are so proud to be involved in building families.

The Bakers have been inundated with media attention, here in Indiana and nationally.  Check out their interview on WRTV 6 here.

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