Coparenting after divorce

We are happy to announce that we’ve partnered with the founder of Two Happy Homes, Inc (, to share information on coparenting after divorce.

Two Happy Homes was created by Traci Whitney, a designer and mother of 3 kids, who, after she went through a divorce, was looking for a better way to communicate with her coparent.  The website offers many tools and features that helps parents manage their time, resources, information and finances in coordination with the other parent.   Two Happy Homes is dedicated to providing coparents a place where they can come together to solve everyday parenting issues.  The site offers tools such as:

  • A shared family calendar that both parents can access while not living in the same home.  It also has a robust parenting schedule feature that color codes days with each parent.
  • A financial tracking tool that allows parents to track shared expenses and payments.  It will even keep a running total which parent owes the other and how much.
  • A medical information section where parents can keep their children’s prescription information, insurance providers and medical contacts.
  • An online community that shares expert advice as well as support from other parents.

And more!

Look for Traci to share information on her coparenting experiences in the near future on our blog at HARDEN JACKSON.  In the meantime, check out the site here.

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