Celebrity Surrogacy Update!

Many people know Cristiano Ronaldo from his excellent soccer skills, but few know he just became a father to twins through the help of a gestational surrogate! The surrogate gave birth just outside of San Diego, California to a girl and a boy named Eva and Mateo, pictured below.


This is not the first-time Ronaldo has used surrogacy to build his family. His 7-year-old son Cristiano Jr. was also born through surrogacy. Ronaldo resorted to pursuing surrogacy in the United States because his home country, Portugal, does not permit legally single men to use surrogacy.

Ronaldo is not the first celebrity to have children through surrogacy.  He joins other stars such as Tyra Banks,rs_1024x648-160508111011-1024-tyra-banks-son-mom-mothers-day-2016-050816-300x190

Ellen Pompeo,1002-ellen-launch-2-236x300

Nicole Kidman,3D6D170800000578-4240274-image-m-5_1487538012018-238x300

and Jimmy Fallon in this regard.https://www.indianafamilylawyerblog.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/285/2017/07/6C8569010-tdy-130809-fallon-baby.today-inline-large-169x300.jpg

Kim Kardashian is also in the midst of planning to use a surrogate for her third child. Surrogacy has become very popular not only among celebrities, but also everyday people to provide family building solutions for those struggling with infertility, single parents, and same-sex couples.

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