“Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day”

Mother & Daughter.jpgWhile we often discuss the family turmoil surrounding divorce, custody battles, and child support, sometimes taking a step back and simply focusing on your children is the best move.

On Thursday April 23rd, it is “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day”, a day that strives to empower the youth of America and encourage children to create new pathways to their own success. Perhaps most importantly, this day also serves as an opportunity for the workplace to emphasize the importance of education to children still in school. This day is a great chance for you to show your children that you care about their future.

In preparation for “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work” Day, here are some quick tips and fast facts on making the most of your day inspiring your children.

1. Before Thursday April 23rd, have your child go to the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation website and fill out their “dream calculator“.
2. Make sure you review this article by Jacqueline Smith at Forbes on the “Do’s and Don’ts” of taking your kids to work. As Smith states, “This day gives [kids] the opportunity to learn and be exposed to their dream jobs.” It also debunks the common myth that you can only take your children to work – you can take anyone in the recommended age range of 8-18 (children of friends, family, neighbors, etc.).
3. Work from home? Check out this article by the Huffington Post on how to celebrate “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day”.
4. Check out this list of frequently asked questions.
5. Tweet your pictures with this year’s hashtag, “#MPOWR”.
6. Have fun and make the most of it!

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